Kate Fuelling Consulting are the trusted information management specialists for the Not-For-Profit sector.

We help small and medium sized not-for-profit organisations who have data, email and files scattered everywhere. We improve the way they work so they are less frustrated, save time and money and get better outcomes from their information.


How do we help our clients?

We provide personalised solutions to information problems.

  • Single sources of truth: Clear guidelines to know where to save information and what to call it; when you go looking for information you know what you have, where it is, and you know you can trust it.
  • Seamlessness: Information, technology and processes work smoothly and consistently.
  • Save time: Our changes will save on average 10% of every person’s time. And with the time saved, you can just get on with doing work that really matters.


Why do we do what we do?

After many years in the information management industry, Kate was frustrated when constrained within an organisational ‘that’s how we do things around here’ approach. Instead of accepting the status quo, she chose to build her own business out of questioning it.

The more work she did, she realised that her not-for-profit clients were the ones who shared the same values of wanting to contribute more, not just create more.

And so, in 2014 Kate Fuelling Consulting was created. And now we work together with like-minded organisations towards a world where information, technology and processes integrate seamlessly to create extraordinary knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

How are we different?

We are passionate information management experts whose core values are aligned with our not-for-profit clients.

We want to help you achieve your mission more efficiently and effectively. And our goal is to leave you and your team feeling that life and work are fun and inspiring.

What else do you need to know about us?
  • We are the trusted information management consultancy to several Commonwealth government agencies as well as national and state-based not-for-profit agencies.
  • Our past clients include the National Gallery of Australia, the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Council for the Ageing, Victoria.
  • We are known for delivering cost-effective and practical solutions that reduce waste and improve employee engagement.
  • 95% of our business is from referrals or return business.
  • Kate holds several information, business, process and project management qualifications and has been in the information industry for over 17 years. She is a member of several information and technology professional associations.
  • She is a regular speaker at National and International Information Management conferences.
  • Her book “Digital by Design: How to Get the Most out of Your Information, Processes and Technology” is available to pre-order now.
We understand the problems you are facing…
  • Your information, including your documents, files, emails and data, is scattered all over the place and there is no one source of truth.
  • Systems and processes aren’t working together, so workflow is inefficient and costing your organisation time and money.
  • Because of this, you can’t deliver on your promises to the people you are trying to help.

And the result of these problems?

Poor information management is making you vulnerable and putting the long term viability of your organisation at risk.

We see this all the time and our solutions consistently help our clients to overcome these struggles.

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