Let Them Eat Cake

Let them eat cake

You know the story. It’s one of those weeks when things are just crazy. And you’re close to losing the plot.

That was me a couple of weeks ago.

I was having a crazy busy week. Working full time in my own business, managing the activities and being a mum to my three kids, visitors from overseas staying with us plus I was travelling interstate for three days for work.

Now this is a lot in any week – but it also happened to be the week when I was throwing a party for 40 people on the Friday night…at home…to celebrate three different birthdays.

It was Monday and I realised I wouldn’t be able to do everything myself (not a pleasant feeling for me). But rather than panic, I realised that I could do the hard work and planning from my hotel room in Canberra. All online.


I started by searching online for the party supplies I needed. Someone to make the cake, someone to do the catering and somewhere I could hire extra furniture.

Let them eat cakeAnd even though I wasn’t at home, I was still able to support local businesses by using the online community pages for my area. I could read reviews for local companies and check their prices and photographs and see which ones fit the feel of the party.

I used Pinterest to find some cake designs that I loved and sent these to the cake decorator that I had chosen. She used these to create a cake design and messaged it to me to approve.

The party hire furniture company had all their stock photographed and costed on their website. This meant that I could book and pay for it all online without having to visit a store in person.

For the food, the caterer had all their menus on their website. I downloaded these and put together what I wanted and they agreed to my options via email and I then paid online.
It was such a relief when everything was delivered on the day, as agreed. And if there had been a problem, I had saved all receipts and agreements in Evernote where I could easily access them anywhere.

And this also means that if I’m planning a party again, all the details of everyone I used are easily accessible next time too.

And in the wee hours of Saturday morning when I was sitting out in my back garden, sipping something bubbly and spending time with some of the most important people in my life, I had a passing thought that digital technology has a bad name for seemingly disconnecting us as individuals from other people.

But it’s not the technology. It’s about how we chose to use it that either disconnects or connects us in amazing ways.

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