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Many people ask how I got into consulting in information management. To be honest, I’m not quite sure myself. What I am sure of is that I am very happy here.

You’ve probably done one of those Myers-Briggs or other personality tests before, right? I’ve done several and I always get the same results: innovative, independent, creative, problem-solver, communicative, result-oriented, energetic and decisive. All of the attributes you’d like in a consultant, so that’s not so difficult to see why I am one.

The information management part of it however… that takes a bit more lateral thinking. I’ve asked myself this question (and have been asked this question) many times before.  At the heart of the matter, after all my experience in process improvement and project management, I have come to realise that information and how we use this information affects everything we do and achieve.

As I used to tell my husband when he asked how to put a load of washing on – I wasn’t born knowing how to do it. I’ve watched, questioned, learned; and based on the information I’ve gathered, I’ve come up with my own processes and ways of working. Now I’ve documented this, (with some handy tips and tricks like checking pockets for items of course), stuck it up on the wall in the laundry and everyone can benefit from the information I’ve collected and documented.

So working in the information management field basically stems from my other personality traits; highly organised, competitive and continually seeking a challenge. What is probably really annoying for my family is a great aptitude to bring to information management.  

I strongly believe work should be fun, engaging and the systems and process we follow should be meaningful, satisfying and productive, and I’ve seen how embedding innovative information management practices can achieve this.

My goal is for people to feel optimistic through the consultation process, get excited by the possibility of improvements, help structure solutions and look forward to change.

Where can I add the most value for you? Pioneering Ideas 

Kate's book "Digital by Design: How to Get the Most out of Your Information, Processes and Technology" is available to order now.

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