Our Services

Kate Fuelling Consulting offer a range of information management services to our not-for-profit and charity clients.

Starting with analysis of your current processes, data and systems, we work together with you to discover your team’s biggest frustrations and points of pain. From here we will tailor solutions to your organisation’s needs, which could include:

Back on TrackBack on Track

Designed for organisations who have an overwhelming sense that their information is out of control - and they don’t know where to start to address the problems they are experiencing as a result.

Based on our Synergy Wheel© approach, the Back on Track Package delivers a comprehensive summary of your organisation's information management strengths and weaknesses in its current state and provides a list of prioritised recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.




Office 365 ReadinessOffice 365 Readiness

Our Office 365 Readiness and Implementation Program uses our Synergy Wheel © approach to ensure your organisation is well prepared to transition with a clear plan that not only helps you begin using Office 365, but continue to explore and leverage its capabilities.




Office RelocationOffice Relocations

An important aspect of office relocation is the process of moving documents, data, and records in an efficient and safe way. The loss of vital operating documents, client contacts or financial records could not only decrease production further, but also, put your company at serious risk. Our Office Relocation Checklist allow you to assess your data and document procedures, and implement new records management practices prior to moving offices.




Transfer knowledge to where you really need it - inside your organisation. We can tailor workshops, training or mentoring to you and your team. Examples of recent workshops are:

Top 5 Problems of Information Management and How to Tackle Them

Leadership in Information Management

Mindful Use of Technology

Email Management



GuidelinesGuidelines and Operating Procedures

We can write guidelines and help implement processes to assist your team in making changes to how they work with information including:

Version Control

Naming Conventions

Normal Administrative Practice


Other ServicesOther Services

Shared Drive restructure, review and redundancy

Email Management

EDRMS Review

Hard copy file review program

Legacy Information Clean-Up

Process re-engineering

Talk to us today about your information management frustrations and we will tailor a solution for you.