Will you take the Positivity Challenge?

November has been a month of conferences for me. Four speaking gigs in four weeks to four very different audiences. I always try and tailor my presentations to an audience, but it was interesting to see what resonated with them all – personal inspiration and motivation. 
I think we are all getting tired of the craziness and stress of our work lives and crave positive experiences and positive mindsets. So, whilst it’s my role to help clients and individuals transition to digital ways of working with information, my greatest joy this month has been when someone has come up to me after a presentation and told me that I have inspired them, not with just the work I do, but with my attitude and enthusiasm. 
Thus, I’m a bit off topic this month, but my challenge to you in these weeks leading up to Christmas is; how can you make a positive change with the way you approach work?  

Here’s a few ideas: 

Schedule 2 hours of your Monday morning to whiteboard all of your ‘to dos’ before Chrissy, prioritise them with must haves, but make sure you include at least one fun thing ‘to do’ at work each week.  Schedule them in your calendar. 

Offer to help a colleague with some work (you can always put a limit on it by saying I’ve got 2 hours on Thursday, what can I help you with?) 
Clear your desk of paper. If it is a task that is too daunting, just start with one pile (the oldest!) 
Think of one thing or one person that annoys you at work, and make a conscious decision to not be annoyed by it for a week. When the thing happens (like a colleague leaving a dirty spoon in the kitchen again), choose to be thankful that you don’t live with them and put the spoon in the dishwasher yourself. You’ll be surprised about how different you will feel when you CHOOSE not to be annoyed.  
Send a thank you email to someone who has helped you in the past month or so – a person in HR, an IT support person, someone who has sent something back to you on time. No one has ever felt bad receiving a thank you, and you’ll be surprised about how good it makes you feel too. 

So that’s it for this month. My positivity challenge for you. Let me know how you go!!  

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