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Office Relocations - The 7 Steps to Reducing Paper Stockpiles before you Relocate

You don't want to spend time and money moving paper from one office to another. You also don't want to clutter up your beautiful new space with paper files and not have enough room for your people. So take a proactive approach to reducing your paper stockpiles well before you move (not the week before).

Click here to Download your 7 Step Process guide

The 7 Day Digital Detox: Will you take the challenge?

Become more mindful with your use of technology. Have a digital detox and get back to using your technology to make you more productive - not less.

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 Fact Sheet Email Management7 Tips for Better Email Management

Find out how to spend less time managing your emails and get more done.

Information Governance Fact Sheet
Information Governance

What is information governance? Is it relevant to me? The answer is yes.

Find out why this overlooked topic is so important for your organisation.

Privacy by Design

How you manage the personal information of your stakeholders should be one of your key priorities.

Here are some useful facts as well as 10 steps to introducing Privacy by Design in your organisation.

Information Management Strategy Template

Here is a free template to give you a head start on planning your Information Management Strategy for 2018/19.

7 Elements of Better Stakeholder Data

Tired of constantly having issues with your contacts / donors / stakeholder data and databases?

Here are 7 ways to get a handle on how you manage your databases and the data within them.

Investing in Technology

Are you looking to purchase new technology?

Here is some advice to help you select the best vendor, products and processes for integration into your organisation.

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