Four times the Royal Wedding nailed mindful use of Technology

Did you watch the Royal Wedding this weekend? I always love a great wedding, and while I was watching it at home on my flat screen TV, thousands of miles from where it was happening, a few things really struck me about how technology played a role.

1 – American Bishop Michael Curry
Curry not only delivered a rousing sermon, he did it whilst referring to his notes on his iPad. I got so excited I jumped up out of my chair and snapped a picture (as you see).

2 – Mobile Phone ban
No guests were allowed mobile phones in the ceremony. Obviously the number one priority was for security reasons, but it allowed all guests to live in the moment, rather than try to capture the moment from behind their phone screen.

3 – The Audience
The ceremony was beamed around the world in real time to an estimated audience of 2 billion people. Nothing special you say? It’s only nothing special because we are used to it. When you think about it, for that number of people to be experiencing the same event as it happened across the world is pretty incredible.

4 – Orders of Service
The Orders of Service were all printed on paper. The best medium for the job, as they were not only useful on the day, but will be a great keepsake in the future. Imagine if they’d given everyone iPads or had a few big screens for people to see the running order. Would have detracted from the day a bit don’t you think?

Mindful use of technology is about implementing the best use of a technology solution. But it’s also about knowing when technology isn’t the solution at all.

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