kate is a sought-after presenterKate loves presenting and sharing her passion for all things information management and improving outcomes in the not-for profit sector.

She is a highly sought-after contributor, and keynote speaker at conferences and events both in Australia and internationally.

Whilst holding several information, business, process and project management qualifications, her greatest strengths when presenting to an audience are her beliefs that we should all contribute more, not just create more, and that life and work should be fun and inspiring.

At a recent event chaired by Kate, one participant remarked ‘Kate has a great presentation style that I really engaged with, and between that and the content I didn't want to drift off into other thoughts. I felt the content was relevant, the conversation flowed easily, and everyone felt that they could contribute… the experience was as enjoyable as it was helpful’

Kate is also an author. Her book "Digital by Design: How to get the most out of your Information, Processes and Technologyis available to order now


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RIMPA SA and QLD State Seminars
Kate will be presenting at both the South Australian and Queensland State Seminar in May 2018 and at the RIMPA National Conference in Hobart in September 2018.
Executive Assistant Network Roadshow, 2018

Kate will be presenting across five cities in 2018/19 for the Executive Assistant Network Expo Series. This is a series of exhibitions for EAs and PAs, the only events of their kind in Australia designed purely for senior Personal or Executive Assistants and other senior office professionals. Dates to be released soon.

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The 7th Women In ICT and Digital Leadership Summit 2018

Kate facilitated the RIM & ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop, 22-23 February 2018.

The post-summit workshop covered:

  • Enhancing leadership skills for Information Management and ICT Professionals
  • Building and aligning leadership qualities for Information Management and ICT professionals

The Women in ICT and Digital Leadership Summit provides a forum to bring together accomplished leaders in ICT and Digital roles. This case study-driven event will give you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of industry leaders and gain practical advice to use throughout your own leadership journey. This is the premier development opportunity to listen, learn and network with industry experts in your field.


The Data and Information Guide to Intelligence Forum: 28-29 November 2017, Melbourne
Date and Information Forum

Kate presented "Extraordinary - How digital information management can create remarkable outcomes for your NFP"

This newly created forum, separates and then brings together the essential parts of any organisations
need to garner intelligence from their data and information.  You cannot cover everything in two days,
but you can look at and improve on the glaring issues within data and information,
that will save you time to move your projects forward.

Kate was the keynote presenter at the LGPro Corporate Planners Network Conference, 17th November 2017.

Innovation, bring it on!

The future is racing towards us. Change has always been a part of the human landscape, but now, more than ever before, change is happening at an exponential rate. It’s remarkable to see what innovation is bringing to the world. On the other hand, it’s disruptive, it’s confronting, and it makes us worry about what is to come.

Then how do organisations and employees meet the future with con dence, with optimism, with integrity? And how do we start today? In her keynote address, Kate Fuelling will provide her insights into how technology is driving innovation and how it impacts the way we need to plan strategically for the future.


Kate presented 'Building the New' at the RIMPA Victoria State Seminar, 11th November 2017.

Over the past 10 years or so Kate has noticed the rise of ‘change fatigue’. But she’s also noticed that when great improvements are well implemented, people don’t feel fatigued by the change, they feel invigorated by it. So how do you help your people to feel invigorated by the ‘new’ rather than fatigued? Kate shared her top tips on how to make the transition to digital information and better ways of working more fun for not only your people, but you as well.

kate fuelling bbcon 2017
bbcon 2017: 22-23 August 2017, Sydney

Kate presented "Fear and Loathing: Information Governance and Privacy"  at bbcon 2017.

bbcon is the premier must-attend fundraising event like no other in the industry. In 2017, we are set to change the pace of the industry by bringing to the forefront amazing innovation, unparalleled learning experiences and technology insights to help you make an even greater impact to your organisation.

Third Sector Live 2017
Third Sector Live: 7-8 September 2017, Melbourne

Kate presented "Extraordinary - How digital information management can create remarkable outcomes for your NFP" at Third Sector Live 2017.

Third Sector Live gathers leaders in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector, enabling a unique opportunity for leadership, education and knowledge sharing with Australia’s leading sector executives and decision makers. Inspiring presentations and sharing ideas with like-minded people will help you shape the future for yourself and others.

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